Welcome to Betscheme! The latest in online betting platforms. Betscheme offers a lot of new and exciting features. If you want to find out more about Betscheme, take a look at our website!

January 2016 - created engine with general functionality

February 2016 - integrated layouts for frontend and backend

April 2016 - integrated prematch data provider; new languages are added

June 2016 - added featured sport leagues

August 2016 - added slider with featured events

October 2016 - design fixes

December 2016 - added couple new languages

February 2017 - integrated live betting provider

March 2017 - added new reports, suspend user funcion, user profile

April 2017 - added new languages, more betting types and sports

June 2017 - added KYC functions (upload documents)

July 2017 - integrated paypal, skrill deposit gateways

December 2017 - minor issues fixed

February 2018 - preparation works for platform performance

April 2018 - fixed performance and security review

May 2018 - fixed translations, RTL for Farsi language and minor fixes

June 2018 - integrated 12 casino games

July 2018 - integrated Texas Hold’em multiplayer poker

November 2018 - uploaded package of fixes in sportsbook functionality

January 2019 - fixed minor issues in casino games

March 2019 - fixed minor issues in event display

June 2019 - fixed minor issues in casino games

Frontend features

Betscheme offers a user friendly interface with loads of nifty features. All sections are only a few mouse clicks away and our entire interface is fully adjustable to your requirements. The content of all information pages is changeable in the administration panel and all the changes appear on the front end in real time. We really aim to offer you the best browsing experience possible and we try to let you find your own way and discover what style of content suits you best.

Section User Control area Support assistance
Sports menu Find event’s odds by selecting sport and league. Use featured leagues as shortcuts. You can disable sports or leagues in admin panel (Prematch Events -> Sports and Leagues -> EDIT) Activate your featured leagues which will appear in top of sports menu. Create or change featured league images.
Slider See featured events in most popular leagues - Activate featured leagues which will appear in slider. Create or change slide images.
Login panel forgot password Register, login, reset password. You can turn off/on login, registration and password reset sections in admin panel (Settings -> General settings) Setup email box.
Top menu (icons with hyperlinks) Use icons in top menu to reach content pages - Change icons, add new sections.
Content menu Read content pages You can create content pages and menu in admin panel Content section If you have issues can train how to create content or make on behalf of you
Last minute bets See last minutes events for featured sports - Activate new sports or delete existing ones.
Betslip (single, multi, preview, print) Bet on prematch or live events using betslip Disable printing option in admin panel (Settings -> Ticket settings) Setup thermal printer, change printed ticket interface.
Reservation tickets Use function to reserve ticket (optional) Disable reservation tickets in admin panel (Settings -> General settings -
General - Setup in admin panel (Settings -> General settings):

Website name

Default timezone

Main currency

Main language

Add new currencies or languages to system

User panel

The user panel is your new home on this website. Here you can track all your activities including your wins and losses, betting activity and financial situation. The user panel allows you to manage everything you do on Betscheme like a boss.

Section User Control area Support assistance
Tickets See pending tickets and trace ticket history. View all ticket information. Trace tickets in admin panel (Tickets -> Tickets). -
Deposit Deposit money (or points) through optional payment gateways. See his deposit transactions statuses and history. Trace deposits in admin panel (Finance -> Deposits). Activate or disable deposit payment gateways in admin panel and set up deposit limits (Finance -> Deposit settings). Setup deposit gateways (merchant accounts), add new deposit gateways (additional development)
Withdraw Withdraw money (or points) through optional payment gateways. See his withdrawal transactions statuses and history. Trace withdrawals in admin panel (Finance -> Withdraws). Activate or disable withdrawal option in admin panel (Finance -> Withdraw settings -
Settings Set his own time zone, language and odds typ - Disable/Activate settings for user. Disable/Activate/Add languages
Promotion code Use promotion code to get bonus Create new promotion codes and trace them in admin panel (Marketing -> Create bonus code) -
Account information See his personal information and change it real time. Read and edit user personal information in admin panel (Users -> Users) -
Upload docs Upload his docs for identity verification Get docs by email. Setup docs email address or disable this function in admin panel (Settings -> General settings) -

Backend features

Betscheme believes that by giving the administrators an easy way to manage the site they can improve the quality of this platform. Administrators have all the tools, unified access and a clear overview of the site's inner workings. This allows them to manage the website the way they had in mind. Users can submit requests to improve certain sections, add different languages and much more. By consulting your users, administrators have a better idea of their needs and requirements. Allowing them to chip in on the decision making process will only help the popularity of this platform.

Section Control area Support assistance
Content (content, menu) Add/edit/delete content Add/edit/delete menu Train or assist in content control.
Content (content, menu) Add/edit/delete content Add/edit/delete menu Train or assist in content control.
Users (users, staff, creation of staff) Add/edit/delete user or staff Fund/charge user or staff View user/staff profile with latest activity Clear/import user databases
Live events Suspend live event Change odds of live events -
Prematch events (sports, leagues, events printing, results, event creation) Add/edit/delete events Activate/disable sports, leagues, events Translate sports Generate/print events on A4 paper List/enter results Take care of results entry (cost additional monthly charges) Edit print events template
Tickets View/cancel/print tickets Clear tickets from database.
Finance (transactions, settings) List deposits and withdraws Activate/disable deposits gateways Set limits for deposit and withdrawal Add new deposits payments (additional development)
Settings (general, printing, email) Change general website functions Change email templates -
Risk management (sport, league limits, general settings) Set limits for sport and leagues Set min/max stake Set min/max number bets in ticket Set max winning amount General support in setup limits
Marketing (promotion code) List/edit/create bonus code General support bonuses
Reports Generate all types of reports Change report information or create new once (additional development)


Betscheme can be bought or rented. We can create a specific custom package if the current package doesn' meet your requirements. Feel free to contact the project manager to discuss the purchase or rent of Betscheme's services.

BASIC package

Betscheme can be rented for a certain period. In certain cases Betscheme can be rented. We rent only if client has gambling license. Our rental service includes:

- Instalment of the website in our server

- E-mail and domain set up

- Branding (logo's, specific themes and brand name)

- Free events and odds

- Technical support

This package does NOT include additional modifications

These are the steps if you wish to rent Betscheme

  • Installation

    We will implement the new website on our server.

  • Setup

    We set up your email address and domain name.

  • Branding

    We will brand the website accordingly if you provide us with your brand name. We will also change the logo accordingly and give you a new colour pallet to fit with your branding.

  • Preparation

    We will test all functions to make sure everything works as advertised.

  • Start

    You can check and confirm the start date and get cracking!

Purchase source code

The Betscheme source code can be purchased. For price please contact to sales. This will get you:

- The latest version of Betscheme

- Installation on your server

- Agreed months worth of upgrades.

- Technical support for agreed weeks after the installation

- General support.

This package does NOT include additional modifications.

Server and system requirements

Our support team can setup you our product on your or our server.

Manual setup

Clear confidential information in following files




Delete all IDE and versioning files:




mkdir -p app/tmp/cache/models

mkdir -p app/tmp/cache/persistent

mkdir -p app/tmp/logs

mkdir -p app/tmp/xml

chmod -R 0777 app/tmp/

GMail Setup: 465 port should be open for SSL connections, fast-check: fsockopen('ssl://', 465);

Extract to root directory

Execute app/ script for directories setup.

Database prepare :

Import database file from root/app/Config/Schema/Schema.sql

Run following command in root/app directory: Console/cake schema create --plugin Queue

Configure database connection in: root/app/Config/database.php

Email setup for registration confirmations:

Configure email settings in: root/app/Config/email.php

It's required in order to registration confirmations to work.


If you're using our platform with our default feed provider run following commands in same order as described:

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron5Min execute

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron1Day execute


Setup following crons:

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron1Day execute

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron30Min execute

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron5Min execute

cd root/app && Console/cake Cron1Min execute

Note that the "root" is the directory where you have extracted the source, mostly - web page document root.

System requirements

System requirements

Apache / nginx server

PHP 5.6

MySQL 5.7


Third Party Libraries

php-mbstring ( yum install php-mbstring.x86_64 )

php-xml ( yum install php-xml )

GD2 extension ( yum install php-gd.x86_64 )

php_zip ( yum install php-pecl-zip )

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect on

Server requirements

Linux dedicated server



Data provider

We get odds from our provider. In live demo you can find live version of odds we have. System displays only sports which has available events. List of sports is below:



Formula 1


Rugby Union






Ice Hockey

American Football










Australian Rules

Olympic Athletics


Table Tennis

Rugby League

Beach Soccer



Martial Arts

Rink Hockey

Beach Volley



Indy Car

Field Hockey

Endurance Racing



Olympic Swimming






Rhythmic Gymnastics



Olympic Specials

Football Specials


Canoe/Kayak Flatwater

Canoe/Kayak Slalom


Artistic Gymnastics


Modern Pentathlon




Synchronised Swimming


Alpine Skiing


Ski Jumping

Cross-Country Skiing

System has over 1500 leagues in 66 sports. The list of available sport leagues you can find in admin panel (Prematch events -> Sports and leagues -> VIEW sport) or contact support team.